Security Innovations Challenge


Private Security Regulatory Authority 


The Private Security Regulatory Authority in conjunction with development partners  has launched a security innovations challenge with the aim of identifying, supporting, and funding the best security innovation proposals that address and solve challenges in the private security industry in Kenya. 

About Us

The Security Innovations Challenge is the brainchild of a team of organisations and development partners keen to enhance the profile and competence of the private security sector in Kenya through adoption of cutting-edge technology for the benefit of both the service providers and consumers. It was born out of the realisation that the private security sector in Kenya needs to leverage more on technology and the advancements it occasions to boost service provision and match best practices in this field in the developed world. In supporting this initiative, the development partners recognised that a huge potential exists for the private security sector in Kenya to expand, thrive and take its services to the next level and that the country is bustling with untapped talent and creativity which the sector could tap into in order to attain these goals and render more effective services to Kenyans. Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA), as the industry regulator domiciled under the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, has approved the challenge appreciating it as a unique opportunity for Kenyans from all backgrounds, to showcase their creativity and innovations not only to the rest of the country but to global audiences as well.
The Private Security Regulatory Authority is a government agency tasked with promoting a legitimate private security sector characterized by professionalism, transparency, accountability, equity and efficiency. The main mission of the Private Security Regulatory Authority is to facilitate the growth of the private security industry and this includes technological advancement. The Authority has partnered with investors to fund inventors and innovators with technological solutions that solve the current challenges of the private security industry. PSRA is confident that a digital revolution will help Kenya achieve the Big Four agenda and ensure that the growth of the security industry transforms the lives of the people.